We are getting closer to our 2023 Residency season. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in the Rabbit Island Residency program, and to applicants who took the time submitting work samples, artist statements, and crafting proposals. This year we received 310 applications from 24 countries from around the world. Over the past three weeks the Selection Committee has diligently reviewed every application. After multiple shortlisting stages and meetings narrowing down the applications, the committee has reached the final stage of review and deliberation. Notifications have been sent to all applicants. Finalists will be interviewed over the next week and awarded residencies will be announced in early May.

About the Selection Process

Following the application deadline all 310 applications were compiled into a review document for the seven member Selection Committee. All members were invited to review, make notes, and provide feedback as the first stage of the review process began. From April 2 – 13, 2023, four members of the Selection Committee reviewed all 310 applications in detail. Together they read each artist statement and proposal; reviewed the work samples; and visited the links provided in each submission. During the first videoconference, each of the four committee members guided a group discussion covering a quarter of the applications that they took the lead in reviewing during the first stage. At the end of this first review, an initial shortlist was created featuring 65 applications.

These 65 applications were compiled into a new document for the entire Selection Committee to review. From April 15 – 22, 2023, members of the committee independently reviewed the initial shortlist and selected the 10 applications they felt were the strongest, with the opportunity to add any application from the total pool of 310 that they thought needed a closer look. This process resulted in a second shortlist of 42 exemplary applications. On April 22, the seven member Selection Committee met via videoconference and deliberated for five hours to reach a finalist list of 8 applications. Finalists will be interviewed by the end of April. After the interview process, Selection Committee consensus and/or voting will result in three successful applications being awarded a Rabbit Island Residency for the 2023 program. The awarded residencies will be announced in early May.