The Rabbit Island Foundation is excited to present the first ever Island Talks series. This summer we will be hosting five public conversations on the island with artists from around the world. Weather permitting, we hope you will join us. The Island Talks will occur on selected Saturdays in July, August, and September. Rent a boat and come on out! All are welcome. 

Our resident artists will be in the midst of spending two to four weeks on Rabbit Island pursuing work and research related to their residency proposals. Artists will field questions and speak about their backgrounds and practices relative to island’s creative and conservation-minded themes, as well as their daily experience living on Rabbit Island. The island will also be available for picnicking and self-guided tours of the forested interior. 

Island Talks begin at 12pm.

Visitors must arrange their own transportation. Rabbit Island can be reached via sailboat, power boat or kayak. Volunteer transport may be available on the day of the talks. If you would like to volunteer space on a boat please post specifics to our Facebook or Instagram pages. Though not required an RSVP would be greatly appreciated. Please send an email to with details of your arrival plans.

There are public boat ramps in Jacobsville and Big Traverse Bay. Travel distance to the island from both is approximately 8 miles. When approaching the island you will need to pull your boat up on a sandstone ledge or anchor it offshore in shallow water. A small inflatable dingy will be available to bring you ashore from your anchorage. Be sure to bring your own anchor, however. (BYOA!) Please visit our comprehensive Rabbit Island Navigation website and check out the latest updates on the day of to confirm any last minute details. 

Getting to the island will be half of the adventure. However, in the event of severe weather or wave conditions Island Talks may be postponed or cancelled. “Always Respect the Lake!” 

2016 Island Talks

F. Daniel Rzicznek
July 2nd

Walter Van Broekhuizen
July 16th

Founders’ Talk with Rob Gorski and Andrew Ranville
July 30th

Luce Choules
August 13th

Mary Rothlisberger, Jack Forinash, Kelly Gregory
September 17th