Explorations. Circumnavigations. Transects. A one-to-one drawing on the landscape. Never lost; always finding the way. Taking the long way around, the long way through, and always taking the long view.

Create paths the way of a wild animal. No indiscreet cutting, no bushwhacking. The forest’s flora is the guide. The branches creating corridors, corralling wayward steps. Distinctive trees, rocks, and rare open spaces become suggestions, sentries, and signposts. Walk it once and forget. Walk it twice and remember. Every time the same way. Bring two confidants, show them the way. That is how a trail is made.

Andrew Ranville’s text from the Rabbit Island: Works and Research 2010-2013 exhibition catalogue. Above, Andrew follows Kelly Geary and Nathan Miller as they navigate through the forest in October 2013.