Artists Collaborators 2013

Emilie Lee - A landscape painter who’s work is influenced by 19th century painting methods and inspired by an adventurous life in the mountains. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and is a graduate of the Water Street Atelier. She is also a senior fellow at the Hudson River Fellowship. Currently she lives in Brooklyn, NY, and teaches at the Grand Central Academy of Art. Before moving to NY she spent 11 years pursuing rock climbing, traveling extensively in North America and Europe. She is interested in exploring the role painting played in the success of the early American conservation movement, and how this relates to the contemporary context.

Andrew Ranville - Founding Artist in Residence, Rabbit Island. Originally from the United States, Andrew has been based in London since 2006, having completed his MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2008. His work has been exhibited internationally, with installations – several which remain in situ – in countries including Australia, China, Finland, Morocco, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He is currently on the island.

Jonny Waldman - Writer from Boulder, Colorado. Jonny studied environmental science at Dartmouth and then science journalism at Boston University. More recently he was a Scripps Fellow at the University of Colorado’s Center for Environmental Journalism. This month he completed his first book, about rust, to be published by Simon & Schuster in 2013, and is represented by Janklow & Nesbit in NYC.

Alex Redgrave - Nova Scotia-born writer and editor Alexandra Redgrave is an islander for life: She spent her childhood summers in the LaHave islands, later moving to Montreal, and is now based in New York. Her next project examines island utopias real and imagined.

Ben MoonSelf-taught adventure, lifestyle, and music photographer and video artist. Surviving cancer at a a young age instilled a deep appreciation for every moment and has given Ben a strong connection with the inspiring individuals he documents and the beauty of the environment around him. Ben is based in Portland, OR, and enjoys its bike-friendly creative culture, access to incredible surf and rock climbing, and the variety of gorgeous locations the Pacific Northwest offers. Ben was born and raised on the shores of Lake Michigan and is no stranger to the Great Lakes. 

Jono Sturt + Thomas Afeldt - Thomas and Jono are recent graduates of the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and aspiring architects living and working in Metro Detroit. As a continuation of their winning entry to the 2012 Rabbit Island Architecture Competition, Jono and Thomas will be coming out this July to build a site-specific intervention on Rabbit Island’s eastern edge.

Lucy Engelman - Lucy Engelman is a freelance illustrator based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her personal work often focuses on expressing location graphically as well as illustration of culinary concepts. She has previously collaborated with the Cabin Time roaming creative residency. Her commercial work is currently featured on the spine of each 2013 newsstand edition of Bon Appetit magazine.

Eva Dwyer - Wildlife Biologist, Outdoor Educator and Guide. Eva works as primary educator and guide for groups of middle and high-school students on one-to-five-day trips in California, the southwest, and Alaska. She has extensive experience educating students, leading expeditions, kayaking, supervising climbing and ropes courses, and facilitating creative activities. Her academic interest is in conservation biology. On Rabbit Island she will be collaborating with illustrator Lucy Engelman to study and catalog the Island’s virgin ecosystem.

Kelly Geary - A graduate of Manhattan’s renowned Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, Kelly has put years of culinary exploration into practice at Sweet Deliverance. She started out working in a brasserie in Gainesville, and then managed the kitchen at the Wildflower Café and Bakery in Northern California. After moving to New York, Kelly honed her craft at Blue Hill at Stone Barns Restaurant and Center for Agriculture under chef Dan Barber, where she began as an intern and finished as chef in the garde manger. Kelly also worked as a sous chef at Little Giant, one of Lower Manhattan’s shrines to seasonal cuisine. In 2012 she prepared several remarkable meals on Rabbit Island and will be returning to work on a cookbook in 2013.

Jessica Kilroy - Jessica Kilroy is a musician with a colorful background which includes careers as a hotshot firefighter, rock climbing instructor, wind turbine rope access technician and wilderness therapy instructor. She has toured extensively in the US and Europe with her folk music and experimental project Pterodactyl Plains. Jessica has also scored numerous films and compositions for theater productions. She has received numerous awards including the NW string summit band competition award and the Horse and Writer Invitational Scholarship. Jessica is currently writing music inspired by Rabbit Island and gathering field recordings to create a film score for Ben Moon’s documentary about the island.

Leonidas Trampoukis + Eleni Petaloti - Together Leo and Eleni comprise LoT Architecture. Leonidasholds a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University. His work has been exhibited at the 9th Venice Architecture Biennale and the Biennale for Young Greek Architects. He practices in New York. Eleni also holds a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University. She has extensive experience working at BSC Architecture and collaborating with Storefront for Art and Architecture and the Guggenheim Foundation in New York. Eleni currently works as Studio Director for artist Mariko Mori.

Leif Hedendal - Cook and artist who’s work focuses on eating design, social practices, underground dining, pedagogy, health, agriculture, and food politics. Having trained at noma, Chez Panisse, and numerous Barcelona restaurants, his cuisine focuses on micro-seasonality, humanely raised meat, under–utilized vegetables, urban ag, and wild forage. Leif is based in San Francisco, CA.

Emily Julka - Photographer and videographer from Madison, WI. She currently works as V.P. of Creatives at the Underground Food Collective. This will be her second visit to Rabbit Island. Earlier in the year she was selected as a finalist in the People’s Choice award in the Saveur Magazine Video Festival.

Sara Maynard - Born in Boise, Idaho, in 1985, artist Sara started lake swimming during yearly camping trips to Baker Lake in the Cascade Mountain range of Western Washington. She graduated from California College of the Arts in 2008 with an interdisciplinary BFA in Photography & Sculpture. She joined the US Masters Swim Team in Oakland in 2003 and has completed numerous open water swim competitions, the longest to date being 5 miles. She spent two months during the summer of 2012 driving 12,000 miles across 27 states & Canada swimming in as many lakes as possible, including Lake Superior. Sara is the first person ever to swim to Rabbit Island.

Marlin Ledin - A musician, Marlin sailed nearly 3,000 miles on Lake Superior last summer while writing, making music, taking photos and video, and recording sounds. He is writing a series of small, handmade books about his journey and other adventures involving Lake Superior and the Minnesconsigan region. Currently his album “Inland Sea” is available in digital formats. His journey was partially funded through Kickstarter.

Charlotte X.C. Sullivan - Artist who has been living and working in western Massachusetts for the last six years until recently moving to Brooklyn. Her work involves designing experiences to help her better understand her place in the world. She has completed residencies and site-specific work in Yosemite National Park and Green River Utah at the Epicenter. On Rabbit Island she plans on researching non-digital tools for navigation and hopes to create a visual response to this.

Evan Strusinski - Professional forager harvesting wild plants and fungi mostly around Vermont and Maine for NYC restaurants such as Momofuku Ko, Atera, Gramercy Tavern, Acme, Aska, Del Posto, and Franny’s.

Audrey Synder - Artist exploring notions of site-specificity and storytelling through an interdisciplinary practice. Her projects involve performance, sculpture, and printmaking to tease out psychic and economic arrangements of the built environment. She recently biked on abandoned railroads in California and built ceramic water filters for New York City-dwellers. She lives in Brooklyn and is a recent graduate of Cooper Union.

Page Stephenson - A cinematographer living in Portland, OR, he is a crack pilot of the Quadcopter and will be assisting Ben Moon in the creation of a short “Wes Anderson-esque" documentary about artists on the island in late July. 

Mark Andrew Gravel - Mark Andrew Gravel is an independent cook and designer working at the intersection of food and art. He is the founder of Good Farm, an art and agriculture blog turned foraging collective, and Bean-In, a yearlong series of food happenings that culminated with an all day temporary free restaurant at California College of the Arts. Currently, Mark runs Good Farm, freelances, and continues to share his love for the culture and diversity of beans through both self-propelled and collaborative projects. /

Ben Lavely - The right hand man at Best Made Co, Ben will be on the island for several days exploring potential trails, helping out with sauna building, teaching sharpening skills, and organizing the first ever Sisu Hawkins Dance, a hybrid of the traditional Sadie Hawkins concept and Sisu… on a remote island in Lake Superior.

David Drennan - Born and raised in Oklahoma City, David studied fine art at Oklahoma City University. He is currently lead guitarist in folk-western group Porch Mice and his art work has appeared in many local and group shows throughout Oklahoma City and Tulsa. “I spend most of my free time building furniture, gardening, painting, and playing music. This will be my first trip to Rabbit Island and my most Northern adventure to date.”

Liz Clark - A sailor and surfer, Liz has spent the last 6 years sailing solo around French Polynesia on her 40 foot boat, Swell. She’ll be spending time on Rabbit Island for a writing residency later this year, or possibly next—her dates are still up in the air. Rabbit Island, after all, is not an easy commute from a boatyard in the South Pacific. Good luck sanding that deck, Liz.