This rock, those trees, that clearing, the shimmering glow of the water, the smell of the white pines – it calls to you. You’ll find answers there. That sun, those slowly crashing swells, the endless blanket of blue.

The world there has this glow, this sway: its like the water you wade in through your eyes while standing perfectly still on land. There is not reason, only desire and unobstructed momentum to the places upon this land that call to you. 

You can abandon the constructs of time, if you allow yourself, and come to know only the falling and rising of the sun, the push of the winds, the coming and going of clouds that cover and sometimes sprinkle the land, that can illuminate the night just as the shimmering lights of the north might.

You come alive. 

Words and photos from our friend Miles Mattison who joined us for a couple weeks late this summer. A photographer, illustrator, and artist based in San Francisco, Miles spent his time on the island taking photos, exploring, helping build, and creating a series of hand-painted signs to interact with the landscape.

See more of Miles’ work here.