Photos by Ryan Greaves of Cabin-Time. Some more here. Also some recent exchanges:

+ Colin has been working on the video from the second we got home until now, round the clock, and we’ll have it wrapped up this evening, to release as early as tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. It is a 10-min mini-doc; so so good.

We’re all shooting to make it up to Andrew’s opening the weekend of the 14th/15th – are you coming out? Would love to talk to you then! We’ll be in the throws of installing the show at MISC. at this point, so our attendance would only be pending that, but I think we’re right on track. As far as factual (and abstract/conceptual) accounts, we are in the last day or two here of putting together the CT3 Field Guide to be printed and published by Issue Press (currently for sale in NYC, LA, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Minneapolis, and online). George of IP is a great small run art-book publisher.

+ I’m not sure if I can make Andrew’s opening. Paying the piper at work for the time off this summer. Might be able to make it at the end of the month though. Crossing fingers. 

I’m super excited about the field guide. I’d love to get my hands on a few for the archive and I bet it will give context to others that come later. After looking at everything that came out of this summer I am absolutely thrilled by the idea that so much happened on the island yet as of yesterday the environment was exactly as we found it. We left little trace. The premise is right on. People are excited about that. 

+ Still had a lot left to do Monday in regards to packing up camp. Last time I attempt it alone for sure! Last official night on the island was pretty awesome; it was the most intense heat lightning I’ve ever seen between 6:00 and 7:00am. The whole sky was like a light show. Eventually some very, very heavy rains and a strong southwest wind came into camp and stayed for about 20 minutes. The rain blew at least 9-10 deck boards deep into the shelter, the furthest I’ve ever seen. That wasn’t so rad.

I varnished and installed Miles’ Welcome to Rabbit Island sign Monday. It looks really good. Packing the rest of camp and loading some driftwood onto the boat was some serious work though. A couple of days earlier I was rewarded with beautiful weather and very calm waters. Mary’s windsock and Isabella’s flag were safely and securing packed away, and I also discovered a large patch of sand just 40 yards further out from where we were all swimming at Art’s Coast. I have some underwater video footage of it that I’ll share with ya’ll soon.

I arrived in Marquette around noon today and got right to work at the museum. I moved a bunch of driftwood all the way from Rabbit Bay that will become a sculpture/installation in the museum. Really looking forward to the show but there is a whole lot of work to be done still. It’d be super, super rad if you guys could make it up to the show. It would be an awesome time. I’m going to be heading downstate by the 20th at the latest so I’m really hoping to make your opening as well.