Tree Hugger

Jaymi Heimbuch from wrote a really nice piece about the project today.  It is an understatement to say we were really excited when we saw Rabbit Island on the front page!  Countless people saw this piece and many offers for support and collaboration have resulted.  Thanks to everyone who emailed. 


What can we say… we got Gizmodo’d.  120,000 people have viewed this post and counting.

Viki Lorraine wrote a great article about the island and many of the ideas brewing. 

Veo Verde

A green blog from Santiago, Chile covered the story.  Fantastico!  


“Design will save the world." 

Mostly Midwest

A great blog about midwestern musicians edited by Steven Michael Holmes out of Houghton, Michigan.  It was great meeting you Steven.  I’m sure this this summer was the beginning of many interesting musical collaborations.  


Josh Spear

Josh Spear picked up our story a few days ago.  He’s a really interesting guy with a well-curated website that covers a wide range of emerging content.  Thanks Josh.  Perhaps we can work together in the future. 

Under/Current Magazine

Under/current is a biannual magazine that showcases work across fashion, art, music, photography, film and poetry.  We’re excited to have our project featured.

Great Lakes Echo

The Great Lakes Echo is a publication fostering and serving a news community defined by proximity to and interest in the environment of the Great Lakes watershed.  Many thanks to Laura Fosmire for the really nice interview and story.  She was the first to write about our project.  Update:  her follow-up piece written after our successful Kickstarter funding is here.

Chicago Public Radio

WBEZ 91.5 re-ran the story written by Laura Fosmire in the Great Lakes Echo.  The story ended up being the second most recommended by readers.

Michigan Public Radio

Jennifer Guerra from the Michigan NPR station called and we did a short interview which aired last week.  There may be a feature length story in the works…


Our project is mentioned about halfway down the page.

The Mining Journal

Renee Prusi wrote an excellent story that goes into the backstory of the island a bit and Rob’s historical and ancestral ties to the region.  There is also this column.    


Gothamist we love you.  But in this article you unfortunately missed the meat and potatoes of what are trying to do.  What can we say.  Any press is good press, right?   

The Village Voice

It is an honor to be in the Village Voice.   


Notcot is a cool little arts publication.

Outside Magazine

F’d in Park Slope

There is a little bit of pottymouth in the title of the blog (warning!).  But satire, after all, is the signature of this humorous blog that many Brooklynites follow.  The article by the author Mike is satirical but respects the intent of the project.  Thanks F’d.  We appreciate that you walked a fine line here and had a sense of our idea which is primarily preservation and secondarily creative.  We sometimes even miss living in the Slope. 

Dallas Morning News

The Nauru Project

The Nauru Project is and ongoing artists’ collaboration based around the gathering of information on the South Pacific Island of Nauru, the world’s smallest island nation.  

Tek Bull

Off Beat Girl

A cool piece by a young woman who came across our story and blogged about it herself.  Thanks!

Elite Choice

Icon United

A blog about photography + art + sometimes music

Green Diary

I am the Eye

Crowd sourced journalism.

Helen Lovelee

Helen is our amazing illustrator and this is her blog post about the drawing she did for us.  She captured the spirit of Rabbit Island perfectly!  We can’t stop looking at it and our eyes keep moving around in circles trying to take everything in… the fish, the rocks, the trees, the eagles.

Forbes Magazine


Newsweek emailed us and wrote a little blurb about the island in the July 11th print edition.  Newsweek! 

Rural Living Canada

Nice to be noted by our neighbors to the north, eh.